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.50 an hour by 2016. >>> his first full day as a cant for re-election, mayor gray battled with reporters. he wanted to talk about economic success. tom sherwood reports gray was pressed on his record and 2010 campaign that remains under criminal investigation. tom? >> gray was there to talk about his success as mayor. the event got off on a bad foot before it started. arriving for a news conference on economic development, the security staff blocked reporters from his elevator. >> that's it. that's it. >> why can't reride up, mr. mayor? >> it was nonfunctional. >> reporter: the mayor spoke more than an hour. >> a vital, breathing, growing city, making a city safer. >> reporter: he bris led when asked if his successes were from the former mayor. >> you are wrong, okay? you are plain wrong. >> reporter: they came over to challenge the reporter, aaron wiener. >> that's what they did. a lot of ground breaking with little in the pipeline. there's no funding for it. >> reporter: when gray said he was running on his record, the federal criminal probe into his 2010 campaign. >> have you cooperated?
pay for more their elect rit bills. and good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >>> 20 children murdered almost one year ago in connecticut. tonight the 911 calls for the sandy hook elementary school shooting were released despite a long court battle. parents of the young victims did not want the calls released. nbc news has decided not to air those recordings. jay gray joins us live from new york with more on what we learned from listening to the 911 calls. jay? >> good evening. the tapes are chilling. a 911 dispatcher urging teachers to lock their doors, protect and keep them calm. instructing another faculty member to keep pressure on a gunshot wound. still many say those accounts should have never been made public. it is a day the survivors and families of victims from the sandy hook massacre have been dreading. the release of 911 calls from that day. a painful reminder of the and heart
like last month's elections. >> when push comes to shove, you have to focus in on the core priorities of leadership, in the case of local government, education, transportation, public safety. >> keynote speaker in hot springs, virginia is texas governor, rick perry. >>> a fire chief is sentenced to two years in jail for fraud and embezzlement. estimated at $140,000, bo taylor was the chief. prosecutors claimed he submitted false invoss for repair work and bought items on a prince william county public school credit card. >>> the u.s. park police has a new top cop. robert mcclain is the acting chief. he succeeds teresa chamber who is is retiring after 35 years in law enforcement. he most recently worked as the commander for homeland security and oversaw operations here in d.c. and new york. he's been with the park police since 1991. >>> just in time for the holidays, not one but two mystery donors come to the rescue. how they helped a church without heat. >>> we are just hours away from an easy way to get to and from baltimore on the weekends. >>> looking live at the ellipse, there she
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)